Next DLC meeting will be March 16. Interlaken Townhall, 100 Grasmere Ave at 7PM

The DLC was chartered in 1974 by the 7 shore line towns. Our mission is to provide leadership, guidance, and resources to preserve and restore Deal Lake and its tributaries as a healthy and stable ecosystem. In addition, control lake levels during heavy storms to the best of our ability with limited ocean tide controls.

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    DLC Meeting: June 20, 2019

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    AGENDA – OCTOBER 17, 2013


    OCTOBER 17, 2013 

    CALL TO ORDER at 7:00 PM 


    NOTICE REQUIREMENTS: The notice requirements of C.231, P.L. 1975, have been met by transmitting the notice of this Regular Meeting to the Commission’s official newspapers on February 5, 2013, posting the notice where required and filing a copy of the notice with the Commission Clerk. 








    Asbury Park 









    Loch Arbour 









    Resolution #1 – Resolution to approve the Minutes of the Regular Meeting, September 19, 2013 (Allenhurst, Asbury Park and Deal do not vote on this matter). 

    Offered by: ___ Seconded by: ___ 

    BE IT RESOLVED, That the Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Deal Lake Commission held September 19, 2013 be and the same are hereby approved as presented. 


    Interlaken__; Loch Arbour__; Neptune__; Ocean__. 

    Resolution #2 – Approve Treasurer’s Report and Authorize Payment of Bills 

    Offered by: ____ Seconded by: ____ 

    Allenhurst__; Asbury Park__; Deal__; Interlaken__; Loch Arbour__; Neptune__; Ocean__. 


    1. 319h Grant – final report update from Dr. Souza 

    2. Monmouth County Shared Services/ Proposed Dredging Projects – status of permit application and plan to County for Firemen’s Pond; 

    3. FEMA/State waterways clean-up (FEMA/DEP) – Representatives of the Deal Lake Commission met with representatives of the Governor’s Office and DEP to discuss the current situation and the approach that will have the greatest likelihood of success to obtain the funds necessary to dredge the lake and remove debris, including fallen trees. The DEP is willing to be the lead agency to facilitate funding request from NCRS to remove debris-laden sediment from the main body of the Lake, with a request to Ocean Township to act as the lead agency for fallen tree removal along the shore in Ocean, Allenhurst, Interlaken and Deal, via an interlocal services agreement including shared costs. Additionally, the Commission will be providing a detailed report on the volume of sand in the Lake pre-Sandy and post-Sandy and identify the increased risks to the watershed since Sandy. 

    4. Gatehouse/Flume –additional repair work has been scheduled – painting, etc. 

    5. Weed treatment – completed for 2013 

    6. Charter – revised draft distributed to members in late August; please supply any additional comments to the Clerk for inclusion in revision #2; this information is posted on the Commission’s website as well. 

    7. Bradley Cove – report from Commissioner Henderson on site visits. 

    8. Eagle Scout Project update (watershed signs) – report from Mr. Brockel 

    9. Other 


    1. Fall Clean-Up – scheduled for October 26 to coincide with Monmouth University “Big Event”; please meet at the Asbury Park Boat Ramp for assignments; water lowering permit has been received for this event. Bring gloves, wear hats, hard-soled shoes and sunscreen. 

    2. Resolution #3: Approve proposed budget and assessments for 2014 

    Offered by: ____ Seconded by: ____ 

    Allenhurst__; Asbury Park__; Deal__; Interlaken__; Loch Arbour__; Neptune__; Ocean__. 

    3. The Deal Lake Commission is pleased to announce that we have been awarded the 2013 North American Lake Management Society Technical Merit Award for our 319h Grant Projects We extend our gratitude to our consultants, Dr. Steve Souza of Princeton Hydro, LLC and Peter Avakian of Leon S. Avakian, Inc. for their outstanding efforts on behalf of the residents of the Deal Lake Watershed and our municipalities. 

    4. Other 


    • Motion to open the meeting to the public – __moves, seconded by__ (consensus vote) 
    • Comments, if any 
    • Motion to close the public hearing – __moves, seconded by__ (consensus vote) 

    ADJOURN – __moves, seconded by__ (consensus vote)