Next DLC meeting will be March 16. Interlaken Townhall, 100 Grasmere Ave at 7PM

The DLC was chartered in 1974 by the 7 shore line towns. Our mission is to provide leadership, guidance, and resources to preserve and restore Deal Lake and its tributaries as a healthy and stable ecosystem. In addition, control lake levels during heavy storms to the best of our ability with limited ocean tide controls.

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    Considering Landscaping by the Lake or Building a Dock?

    KNOW the Land Use regulations BEFORE you dig!

    The banks of Deal Lake are regulated and protected by the Dept. of Land Use.

    Typically any land 50 feet above the lake shore line falls under the Permit by Rule regulations. 7:13

    Also see: Land Use Regulations Workshop Info

    Your Photos

    The DLC invites you to submit your best Deal Lake lake photo to our Facebook and we will select one each month for our web page.

    Thank you.



    The Lake Is Not Closed

    Unfortunately, the press headline and state guidelines are impacting use of a wonderful County and State resource.

    The results from last weeks test by the county health department provides no relief: The warning has to stay in place due to State standards.:
    The DLC believes the risks of recreating are much less than headlines in the Asbury park Press would indicate. The headline in the press last Tuesday was just wrong. Long time lake users see no scum on deal lake, but there is no doubt there is an algae bloom which changes the water color and current meets state standards for a warning.(See July 23 Results)

    July 23 Results : CommentsThe Lake Is NOT Closed!