Next DLC meeting will be March 16. Interlaken Townhall, 100 Grasmere Ave at 7PM

The DLC was chartered in 1974 by the 7 shore line towns. Our mission is to provide leadership, guidance, and resources to preserve and restore Deal Lake and its tributaries as a healthy and stable ecosystem. In addition, control lake levels during heavy storms to the best of our ability with limited ocean tide controls.

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    April 18th: DLC Meeting starts at 7:00PM

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    Before You Buy or Build:

    Contact the NJDEP

    Deal Lake, its tributaries and watershed are regulated by Federal and State agencies. Check before you dig.

    Strict compliance with the NJDEP regulations apply to any land 50 feet adjacent to the Deal Lake shoreline as well as any land 50 feet adjacent to any stream that drains into Deal Lake.

    Property owners should contact the NJDEP before beginning any maintenance or any construction along the lake's shoreline.

    There can be consequences, including fines and time delays for proceeding with work, prior to securing the appropriate NJDEP permit(s).

    • The NJDEP Division of Land Use Protection gives info on regulations, permits:

    • The NJDEP Division of Land Use Protection Contact Form:

    • NJDEP Land Use Phone Line: 609-292-2178

    Please click below to get more info before you build or buy on Deal Lake: 

    Guide for Lake Front Property Owners

    Goose Population Control Project with USDA

    2023 Whole Lake DLC/USDA Goose Population Control Initiative

    In 2023, the DLC launched a Goose Management initiative with the USDA to treat goose nests for all 7 towns along the Deal Lake shoreline.

    There are many reasons to manage the geese population around the lake.

    Canada Geese, on average, drop between 1 to 1.5 pounds of feces every day! Droppings can carry e.coli, salmonella and other bacteria harmful to humans and pets.

    Geese are major contributors of Phosphorus and Nitrogen in waterways.  These nutrients come directly from goose excrement and cause lake eutrophication.

    The DLC/USDA initiative  has been a major undertaking with the cooperation of lake residents and the municipal leadership in all 7 towns that the DLC serves.


    USDA Report for 2023 on Goose Addling on Deal Lake


     The attached report provides a summary of USDA’s Canada goose work for 2023.  In addition to the ten nests mentioned in the attached report as addled, USDA found three other nests that were not treated.  Of these three untreated nests, no permission was obtained for one nest.  Permission was obtained for the two other untreated nests; however, no eggs were present two weeks later when USDA revisited the nest.  These two untreated nests likely did not hatch out since 28 days had not past since eggs were laid and no family groups were seen until later in the season.